Hannes & Fritz is the collaborative studio between Johannes Breuer and Fritz Gräber

Working across two cities – Johannes in Stuttgart and Fritz in Zürich, they develop each project through a back-and forth process of iteration and evolution.
Their projects often begin with the exploration of existing archetypal forms, adding restrained yet deliberate design incursions that bring these typologies into a contemporary context.

Having met during their studies at ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland, the progression into a collaborative working relationship first began with friendship and a love of cooking, and later through a spontaneous design project – the hurried construction of an extra bench for a friend‘s dinner party.
What has spawned from this chance collaboration is an ongoing relationship built around a deep respect for material and production techniques, to create objects that contain an innate longevity through both their physical and visual attributes.
Whilst both designers share a set of skills, they each bring their own unique approach to their collaborative projects; Johannes‘ tendency to be very linear and emblematic, and Fritz‘ more dynamic and expressive design language.

Working across cities has been embraced by the duo, allowing time and space for ideas to mature and grow, and time together that is focused and results-driven. Collective time is spent being hands-on with the material of each project and producing 1:1 prototypes that reveal new design solutions.

Text: Nicolai Kotlarczyk

H: +49 151 4078 7765
F: +41 76 530 90 34

Portrait: Maya&Daniele
Type: Concern by Ondřej Báchor
Agency: Copenhagen Design Agency

Press Kit – Milano 2024

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